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Coquille Tribal Police Welcome

The Coquille Indian Tribal Police Department was started in 1996.
  • The Coquille Tribal Police Department has a four person staff including three officers and one chief of police.
  • The Department has a local patrol area that is about 10 mile long. Additionally, the Coquille Forest accounts for another 5900 acres.
  • All officers have to complete mandatory training and complete the Department Of Public Safety and Standards police academy to receive a basic police officer certification.
  • The Coquille Tribal Police Department is SB 412 compliant providing the same Police powers as any Police Officer to enforce state criminal and traffic laws both on and off Coquille property
  • The Department follows Oregon State law and Coquille Indian Tribe law. The Coquille Indian Tribe is a Public Law 280 Tribe.

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